Sheremetyevo Airport welcomes first team of doctors returning from Coronavirus mission

Moscow´s Sheremetyevo International Airport has announced the first two multidisciplinary team of doctors, who performed humanitarian work in the Caucasus region, has returned after a two-week mission to protect residents of the Caucasus from coronavirus infection, the company said.

These are the first to return of the four multidisciplinary teams of Moscow doctors who flew from Sheremetyevo Airport to the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Ingushetia, Dagestan and the Zabaikalye Territory, regions that need special support in the fight against coronavirus infection.

The airport provided operational services to the medical teams, as well as processing and loading of medicines, personal protective equipment and medical equipment.

Sheremetyevo Airport will continue its efficient operational activities and provide high-quality passenger services to support the predicted intensive growth in passenger traffic.