Sheremetyevo Airport tests for COVID-19

Moscow´s Sheremetyevo International Airport has announced passengers, guests and employees of third-party organizations will be tested for the coronavirus at testing sites at both Terminals B and C, the company said.

Persons wishing to be tested must first obtain a bill for testing and present a payment receipt at the health center.

After testing, the medical staff will register the study in the information system of a specialized laboratory with the individual´s contact information. The test result will be sent to the individual´s e-mail address within three business days.

PCR-based diagnostics for the presence of the virus in the body is offered for visitors with no signs of SARS. The test is performed by qualified medical staff by taking biological samples such as a smear from the nose or oropharyngeal cavity. Persons wishing to be tested should refrain from eating and smoking for three hours before testing.

Sheremetyevo International Airportis is the largest Russian airport in terms of passenger and cargo traffic. In 2019, the airport served 49 million 933 thousand passengers, which was 8.9% more than in 2018.