Sheremetyevo Airport reports RUB 82,088m increase in 2019 revenue

Moscow´s Sheremetyevo International Airport Joint Stock Company (SVO JSC) has reported a 41.6% increase in 2019 revenue, compared to the previous year, with revenues increasing by RUB 82,088, the company said.

The company´s operating profit increased by 38.8% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 27,083 million rubles, an increase of 38.8% over 2018.

The Board of Directors approved the progress report on the project to reconstruct Runway 1 and the western section of the apron (ANTC), which will be rebuilt to accommodate parking for aircraft and house a number of other airport facilities. To ensure the reconstruction of these facilities at the airport, a crushing-and-screening complex and two concrete plants have been installed. More than 900 workers and specialists, 35 units of special equipment and 215 dump trucks were involved.

At this stage, the removal of the pavement on old Runway-1 has been completed, and work is underway on the arrangement of soil, the installation of engineering networks and new Runway-1 coatings. Work is being done regularly and is ahead of schedule. The new cement-concrete runway will measure 3550 metres long and 60 metres wide, and is expected to be operational by the end of 2020.