Sheremetyevo Airport recognizes doctors on Russian Medical Worker Day

Moscow-based Sheremetyevo International Airport has announced it honored doctors as part of the Day of the Russian Medical Worker, the company said.

Sheremetyevo Airport held a ceremony as a part of the promotion event #Thank you Medics, organized by the All-Russian civic movement Medical Volunteers and the Russian Ministry of Health.

As part of the airport´s effort to honor medical professionals, photographs of doctors are displayed on all large media screens of the airport, as are images of employees of the airport´s health centers and medical unit, as well as the Moscow Department of Health and the Moscow Region Ministry of Health, carrying out their daily responsibilities.

Currently, there are more than 270 medical workers at the Medical and Sanitary Unit and health centers of Sheremetyevo Airport, some of them with more than 30 years´ experience.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is among the TOP-10 airport hubs in Europe, the largest Russian airport in terms of passenger and cargo traffic. In 2019, the airport served 49 million 933 thousand passengers, which is 8.9% more than in 2018.