ShelterZoomJapan Launches as More Businesses Shift to Remote Work

As millions around the world conduct routine business remotely due to COVID-19, the user-friendly, blockchain-based company ShelterZoom has announced the incorporation of ShelterZoomJapan, based in Tokyo, the company said.

Tech executive Shuhei Yamamura will serve as ShelterZoomJapan´s inaugural CEO.

ShelterZoom, which recently launched its new virtual negotiating platform DocuWalk, allows businesses to store documents, negotiate transactions and finalize contracts in a transparent and secure online ecosystem. The subscription-based service´s technology turns documents into secure intelligent assets that can be collaborated on or shared in real time, with privacy top-of-mind, as Japan transitions to a more remote working environment.

Over the last 12 years in the Internet business field, Yamamura has engaged with various start-ups and taken them to the next level. His recent affiliations include taking Scigineer Inc., a SoftBank affiliated company, to IPO in 2015 and launching digital advertising businesses at AdAsia in other Asian markets, including Thailand and Taiwan, over the last four years.

ShelterZoom´s mission is to provide an industry-agnostic, smart-contract-based SaaS platform that transforms records, documents and contracts into fully digital, interoperable and intelligent assets. These digitized assets can “think,” “communicate,” “travel” and “trade.” For more information, visit and