ShelterZoom Readies Launch Of Cutting-Edge Platform

ShelterZoom, the inventor of Document of ThingsTM (DoT) and Contract of ThingsTM (CoTTM), has announced its spring release of DocuWalk with plans to release the product free of charge to organizations working to combat COVID-19 while the crisis continues, the company said.

Built on its blockchain-based second-generation smart contract platform which transforms records, documents, and contracts into fully digital, interoperable and intelligent assets, DocuWalk is designed to bring the entire world of both eCommerce and remote work arrangements to a level of sophistication and trust never seen before.

DocuWalk leverages security, blockchain technology and ShelterZoom´s patent-pending Document TokenTM to overcome major limitations presented in existing document and contract management technology, as well as to enable transferability, traceability, tradability and portability.

Fully scalable features such as Virtual Negotiation and blockchain-based security combine to make a remote team able to work as efficiently as if they were in the same location, no matter the size of the group.

A market provider of blockchain, ShelterZoom´s next-generation document, contract and transaction management platform is bringing unprecedented innovation, transparency, efficiency, security, and profitability to its customers across industries. For more information, visit