ShelterZoom Launches DocuWalk

As millions around the world face the new normal of conducting routine business virtually and working remotely, the new user-friendly blockchain-based platform DocuWalkTM launched today with its innovative virtual negotiating and collaboration room, the company said.

The subscription-based technology service allows all types of businesses to store documents, negotiate transactions and finalize contracts in a transparent, blockchain-secure online ecosystem.

DocuWalk is the latest platform from the blockchain Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company ShelterZoom®. The DocuWalk platform reduces layers of facilitation in the document, contracting and transaction process by turning documents into easily accessible intelligent assets that are stored in a secure space which can easily be collaborated on or shared in real time, with privacy top-of-mind.

There are a variety of subscription-based packages available for DocuWalk users, including a free basic version that includes a blockchain signature. For the virtual negotiating room and expanded capabilities, monthly packages range from USD 9-19 per month, including options for enterprise entities. All DocuWalk contracts can be signed with blockchain-based security.

Organizations can also license the platform for their proprietary use, giving them a jump start in using ShelterZoom´s patented blockchain-based technology with a minimum upfront cost.

DocuWalk is ShelterZoom´s second-generation, industry-agnostic, smart-contract-based SAAS platform that transforms records, documents, and contracts into fully digital, interoperable and intelligent assets with unprecedented efficiency, security and data privacy. A market provider of blockchain, ShelterZoom is more than just a software company. ShelterZoom is changing the way the global market thinks about remote operations and collaboration. For more information, visit