Sharpen Performance Management Module to Empower Agents

Sharpen Technologies, developers of the agent-first contact center platform, has announced the release of Performance Tiles, the first of several new applications to be released within its new Performance Management module, the company said.

Performance Tiles offer agents real-time visibility into their work, providing scoring metrics against specific targets and larger peer groups.

Customers using Performance Tiles demonstrated immediate improvement in first call resolution (FCR), average handle time (AHT), a lower number of transferred calls, and improved end-customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Agents using Performance Tiles also value the visibility into their work.

Performance Tiles are available directly within the Sharpen platform, at no extra charge. Customers can select from a host of operational metrics, based on individual business needs.

Sharpen Technologies is an agent-first contact center platform built in the cloud for the cloud. The omnichannel platform lets users work from anywhere and seamlessly transition between calls, texts, webchats, emails, social media, video, etc. all in real-time and in a single interaction.