Sharktech has record-breaking quarter

Sharktech said its financial results for the first quarter of 2016 were record-breaking.

In the quarter, Sharktech launched its highly anticipated remote network DDoS protection. Sharktech´s remote network DDoS protection is already being used by businesses, hosting providers and internet service providers worldwide. Using GRE, BGP and Anycast technology, Sharktech protects internet resources, anywhere, without the need for migration.

Sharktech´s security engineers internally develop custom rule-sets and features for dealing with zero day events, enabling Sharktech to thwart all attacks types faster than its competitors.

Sharktech provides secure cyberspace with unique in-line and cloud-based DDoS protection technology. Sharktech´s DDoS protection comes standard with all hosted services–up to 50 Gbps and upgradeable to 500 Gbps–and can be applied remotely to protect any internet service, anywhere.