Shared parking app OrangeCone launches beta version

Parkimon Inc. has announced the launch of OrangeCone, a parking space sharing service that provides a platform to connect owners of unused parking spaces with drivers looking to park, the company said.

With OrangeCone, owners of homes and buildings can register their driveways and unused parking spaces, which drivers can then search for and book through the OrangeCone smartphone app.

Parking spaces can be booked in advance, so drivers can travel to their destinations knowing that a vacant parking space awaits them. For owners, simply registering their unused driveways or parking spaces on the app lets them make use of underutilized assets and monetize them.

OrangeCone was launched with the idea of providing a better solution to the common problem of limited parking spaces around popular tourist destinations and events. With this beta launch, the public is invited to try the services and provide feedback to help OrangeCone continue to better its platform. Plus, participating members can enter our sweepstakes when they share the app with friends.