SevOne to Network Data Platform in Support of Virtual Network Adoption

SevOne, a Turbonomic company and provider of network management solutions, has announced the launch of Data Insight 3.0, an integrated component of the company´s industry-leading SevOne Network Data Platform, the company said.

This release of Data Insight 3.0 and availability of solutions for SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, and SDN completes the product transformation from a network monitoring appliance to an integrated network data platform to ensure continuous network performance.

To advance their digital transformations, enterprises, CSPs and MSPs are moving from their old, static, hardware-centric architectures to dynamic networks. In these new, software-driven environments, things move quickly and change rapidly–too fast, in fact, for traditional network management systems. The mismatch between modern networks and legacy monitoring creates blind spots with enormously negative consequences.

Data Insight 3.0 addresses these issues by allowing users to easily find, use and share valuable insights hidden in network performance data. Data Insight 3.0 leverages real-time monitoring and offers simple, reusable and scalable reporting, and troubleshooting workflows that enable operational consistency, with a new system architecture and an enhanced user experience.

SevOne was acquired by Turbonomic in November 2019. With Turbonomic´s industry application resource management technology, SevOne and Turbonomic are uniquely positioned to help companies achieve business and operational resiliency through optimized and continuous network and application performance.