ServiceSource extends digital commerce capabilities

ServiceSource (NASDAQ: SREV), the digital customer journey experience company, has extended its ability to create successful business-to-business (B2B) customer acquisition, expansion and retention experiences by adding new digital commerce options to its portfolio of solutions, the company said.

For more than 20 years, global brands have trusted ServiceSource´s human-powered relationship management to provide high-touch sales and customer journey experiences that drive revenue. With newly enhanced capabilities, ServiceSource can now digitize and automate transactions to drive better efficiencies into client operations, creating unified online and offline experiences that enable a blended ´right touch´ for interactions with existing and potential B2B customers.

These combined capabilities meet the needs of the more than 80 percent of business buyers that say the customer experience is as important to them as the products and services a company provides. Further, McKinsey & Co. research has shown that only 4 percent of B2B buyers prefer to engage entirely online and never speak with a salesperson. These buyer preferences indicate that digital-only or human-only is not enough; a blend of both is essential to successfully serve the customer.

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