Sequans Introduces Low-Cost NB-IoT Module with Integrated SIM Capability

Sequans Communications (NYSE: SQNS) has introduced the first module based on its second-generation Monarch N chip that is optimized for low-cost/low-power NB-IoT operation, the company said.

The Monarch NB02S is a highly integrated module that sets a new standard for low-cost NB-IoT modules. It features an EAL5+ Secure Element that enables the integration of the SIM inside the module, thereby introducing Module-as-a-SIM™ capability.

Based on Sequans´ long and proven experience in 4G and 5G technologies, the NB02S is designed to drive mass adoption of 5G cellular IoT by reducing component count and complexity, therefore reducing BOM, PCB, and manufacturing costs to new low levels. Monarch NB02S features Sequans´ new S-series ultra-small package, using ultra-low-cost PCB. Monarch NB02S inherits first generation Monarch´s proven protocol stack that has been certified by operators worldwide, allowing for a seamless software migration from Sequans´ first generation NB01Q module.

With the Module-as-a-SIM capability of the Monarch NB02S, which supports all SIM types, data plans can be offered as part of a total module solution. Sequans is working with tier 1 partners to integrate connectivity in the NB02S for a one-stop-shop solution. The EAL5+ Secure Element (SE) in NB02S provides highest-level, government-grade security for connection and application.

Sequans Communications is a provider of single-mode LTE chips and modules for the Internet of Things (IoT) and a wide range of broadband data devices. Founded in 2003, Sequans has developed and delivered seven generations of LTE technology and its chips are certified and shipping in networks around the world. Visit Sequans online at