September Airline Tickets to Be Lowest for 2017 Remainder

Skyscanner, the global travel search engine, is forecasting a downward trend in domestic airline ticket prices for the last two weeks of September, the company said.

After analyzing 2016 flight pricing data, Skyscanner reports show that travelers can anticipate saving a potential savings of 22 percent if they book domestic airline tickets before the end of this month. As October rolls in, airfare prices are predicted to increase and then plateau through to the middle of December, with the last two weeks of 2017 seeing an 8 percent jump in ticket prices.

Skyscanner makes it easy for travelers to take advantage of this pricing trend, with its Daily Flight Deals tools, which highlights the best cost-saving flights around the country, as well as for international destinations. Skyscanner Flight deals identified through this tool often reach up over 50 percent in savings.

In addition to using the Skyscanner Daily Flight Deals tool to find flight deals, you can also use these Skyscanner hacks to help find the best flight deals:

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