Sentient Jet renews partnership with PinnacleCare

Sentient Jet, a Directional Aviation company and the inventor of the Jet Card, and PinnacleCare, a private health advisory firm that guides clients through complex healthcare challenges and facilitates access to the country´s top doctors and hospitals, have extended their partnership into its second year, the company said.

The partnership, which launched in January 2017, provides Sentient Jet Cardholders with premier access to medical evacuation and expert healthcare advisory services whether at home or abroad.

As Sentient Jet´s first health and wellness partner, PinnacleCare was introduced to Cardholders in January 2017 through the company´s Exclusive Benefits Guide, which offers perks from the world´s finest hotels and resorts, top destinations, luxury and lifestyle brands, and more.

PinnacleCare supports clients when they need it the most by guiding members to unbiased and personalized healthcare services that facilitate timely access to the most appropriate medical resources and treatments. For those facing a complex medical diagnosis or struggling with chronic illness, PinnacleCare helps to alleviate the stress of the situation through professional personalized guidance and health management solutions.

As one of the country´s private aviation companies, Sentient Jet provides clients with private flying opportunities for all their air travel needs. Sentient Jet offers its 25-Hour Jet Card in four jet-size options, allowing clients to purchase flight time on Light, Mid, Super-Mid, and Heavy aircraft as well as in two age classes (Preferred and Select), starting at just USD 124,825.

PinnacleCare is a private health advisory with a mission to ensure that all members realize their highest expectations for their health and wellness. PinnacleCare´s personalized approach to health care is a unique combination of exceptional medical resources, an unmatched range of services and outstanding care allowing members efficient access to the finest health care experiences, expert guidance through the complex healthcare system by expert health advisors, and assurance in the healthiest lives possible, at home and abroad.