Sentegrity delivers risk-based authentication to BlackBerry dynamics

Sentegrity, the leader in risk-based behavioral authentication, has partnered with BlackBerry to provide trusted authentication for applications on the BlackBerry Dynamics platform, the company said.

Sentegrity can now be automatically called by any BlackBerry application on launch to modulate the stringency of the authentication requirements based on trusted baselines of user behavior and device integrity.

The risk-based authentication will enable customers with highly-sensitive data, such as those in government, finance, energy and pharmaceutical industries, to extend sensitive data access to mobile devices by minimizing the security risks stemming from the underlying platform or access environment. Sentegrity accounts for platform and environment security and enforces authentication requirements requisite to the measured risk — from requiring no password, to biometric authenticators, to preventing application access, and automatically wiping locally stored data.

Customers using BlackBerry´s enterprise software platform have the highest levels of encryption and security for mobile application data–both in motion and at rest. With Sentegrity, customers have a solution that protects against unauthorized decryption. In low-risk conditions Sentegrity can ease authentication requirements consistent with enterprise policy to enable faster, simpler data access.

Sentegrity provides risk-based authentication. By leveraging the latest sensory and machine learning technology Sentegrity replaces control with trust, allowing customers to embrace the freedoms of mobile computing without sacrificing data security. Sentegrity´s non-intrusive security product enables applications to modulate authentication requirements based on real-time risk — stronger authentication and a simpler experience.