Sensus launched by Fiber Mountain

Fiber Mountain, Inc., the Glass Core company and provider of transformative and managed fiber connectivity for Hyperscale, enterprise and colocation data centers, has announced Sensus, the most innovative patch panel in the industry, the company said.

Sensus technology illuminates the previously unmanaged physical layer by gathering real-time information via the use of sensors in cables and connectors, thus putting the physical layer infrastructure of a company on the road to digital transformation. Sensors and the use of central software put information about the network at the fingertips of network operators, providing real time network knowledge, unparalleled security, predictable growth management and enhanced uptime.

Patch panels in the Sensus family are equipped with LCD touchscreens, integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) readers, and per-port LEDs. Fiber optic cables including LC connectors and 8-Fiber MPO, 12-Fiber MPO, or 24-Fiber MPO connectors have a field-upgradeable clip that provides readable uniqueness to each end of the cable. Cable ends are equipped with NFC technology that can be read by Sensus patch panels, or a mobile device such as an iPhone or an android device capable of reading NFC. The Sensus system is modular and allows mixing of different types of connectors including Single Mode and Multimode in the same chassis.

Fiber Mountain, Inc.´s Glass Coreâ„¢ technology transforms the physical layer into a managed and dynamic software-controlled network asset, providing real-time visibility and software control of connectivity. Digital transformation of physical infrastructure will require software controlled configuration and dynamic network changes. Glass Coreâ„¢ provides freedom from the rigid architectures of yesterday. For more information, visit