Sensuron introduces compact fiber optic sensing

Sensuron said it has introduced its RTS125 and RTS150 systems to market after spinning off from sister company, 4DSP.

Now its own entity, Sensuron´s mission is to solve problems on a global scale and enable industry innovation by utilizing light-based technologies that ensure equipment in the aerospace, medical and energy fields is functional, reliable and safe.

“Those at the engineering level up to the C-suite are innovating to solve business problems; however, they need proven technologies to allow for that innovation to become reality,” said Michael Heflin, CEO, Sensuron. “By investing in compact FOS solutions, businesses can consolidate several disparate technologies into a single platform to continuously test, control and monitor the health of systems to ensure success long into the future. Sensuron´s FOS platform enables innovations that change industries.”

Sensuron´s compact FOS technology uses light to measure miniscule changes in temperature, volume, liquids and stress over a variety of surface areas. In addition, the platform can provide 2D and 3D shape sensing.

By monitoring the changes in a network of hair-thin fibers, Sensuron´s solution can ensure the integrity, efficiency, location and long-term durability of equipment across the demanding aerospace, medical and energy industries. The fiber sensors reflect light readings back to a hardware system, which converts optical data into analog and then digital signals. This provides users with real-time measurements.

Sensuron is a leading global provider of fiber optic sensing systems that use light to test, measure and control applications across the aerospace, medical and energy industries.