Sensory's TrulyHandsfree speech recognition available on Intel SoC Platforms

Sensory Inc. has made broadly available its industry-leading TrulyHandsfreeâ„¢ technology as deeply embedded ports on many of Intel´s latest SoC platforms targeting the PC, tablet and smartphone industries, the company said.

Sensory´s TrulyHandsfree always-on, always-listening voice trigger component and low power sound detector (LPSD) ship from Intel as a deeply embedded port in the low-power DSPs of their Skylake, Anniedale, Broxton, Broadwell and Merrifield SoCs.

Manufacturers who utilize any of the aforementioned Intel SoCs will have the ability to easily integrate the low-power, highly accurate speech trigger and trigger-to-search features of Sensory´s TrulyHandsfree technology into their products.

TrulyHandsfree enables products to wakeup and respond when a phrase like “Alexa”, “Hey Cortana” or “Okay Google” is called, with no button pressing or manual manipulation needed for initiating voice control. The voice trigger component of TrulyHandsfree offers high accuracy in near or far field situations with great inherent noise robustness and can be configured by the OEM to offer preset fixed triggers, user-enrolled fixed triggers or user-defined trigger phrases. With trigger-to-search, users can say the trigger phrase and immediately follow it with a verbal request which is handed off to the applications processor.

This audio handoff to the applications processor can seamlessly lead to a voice search in the cloud, or command and control on the application processor using Sensory´s recognition solutions targeting O.S. platforms.

Sensory offers advanced features that utilize the applications processors of these same chips through specialized software SDKs for most of today´s most prevalent operating systems. Sensory´s TrulyHandsfree software SDKs allow OEMs to integrate Sensory´s industry-leading speech recognition engine at the OS level for state-of-the-art trigger-to-command capabilities and provides a complete voice user interface solution for advanced product, OS and app features.

Sensory creates a safer and superior UX through vision and voice technologies. Its technologies are widely deployed in consumer electronics applications including mobile phones, automotive, wearables, toys, IoT and various home electronics.