Sensors in Eyewear Help Users Customize Messages

IpVenture, with its affiliate IngenioSpec, has presented Enhanced Messaging for smart eyewear: Users sending messages from their eyewear can include unique information about themselves or their environment–information acquired by different sensors in the eyewear, the company said.

Based on patented technologies, users sending messages from smart eyewear can include common status information, such as their locations (US Patent 8,176,135) or current means of transportation (US Patent 9,930,503).

The information can be acquired from sensors in the eyewear. Users can also include more personal information, such as their current emotion (US Patent 9,769,630), movement speeds (US Patent 9,596,579), or their heartbeats (US Patent 9,456,350). Users can even include environmental information, such as the current temperature (US Patent 9,706,374). These features can be customized to be included automatically into their messages.

A heartbeat sensor in the nose pads of the eyewear (US Patent 7,677,723) can show your running partner just how hard you´re working. You might wish to show your walking speed as you ask a friend for a ride. You might even like to send the audio of the rain you´re currently standing in as you politely ask your friend to hurry up (US Patent 10,516,975).