Sensofusion to unveil AIRFENCE 6.0 counter-UAS system

Sensofusion has announced it has unveiled its latest version of AIRFENCE to improve and upgrade the company´s capabilities to detect and negate dangerous and potentially life-threatening situations caused by rogue drones, the company said.

Sensofusion has incorporated findings from private and government customers to create a solution ideal for any end-user seeking a counter-UAS technology designed to automatically detect, locate, track, and defeat unwanted drones. Improving speed and range of detection, expanding the AIRFENCE proprietary library, and wrapping the whole package in a seamless interface were all part of the calculations when fine-tuning AIRFENCE 6.0. In addition, AIRFENCE can now target individual UAS, regardless of what frequency band they hop to when counter-attacking.

AIRFENCE continues to advance through strong partnerships with organizations like the FAA, NASA, the European Union and the US Department of Defense. It is time-tested and calibrated depending on the customers environment, and can be installed to protect mobile convoys or fixed sites.

Sensofusion, with US headquarters in New York City and international headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, is the creator of AIRFENCE, a countermeasure technology designed to automatically detect, locate, track, and take over unmanned aircraft system (UAS) controls, all automatically, as well as locate operators. Sensofusion currently partners with the European Union, US Marine Corps., NATO, the FAA, and the Nevada Institute of Autonomous Systems.