Sensitech???s products receive IATA???s regulatory compliance approval

Sensitech Inc, a provider of cold chain visibility solutions, announced on Thursday that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has deemed Sensitech’s full range of temperature and humidity monitoring devices to be in compliance with the 53rd edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Special Provision (SP) 188 published by the United Nations.

The company said that the size and lithium metal content of the cells and batteries contained in its monitoring devices meet the provisions set out in SP 188, therefore no additional packaging or labelling is required for air transport shipments that include Sensitech’s devices for monitoring temperature and humidity.

Information provided by Sensitech lead IATA to affirm that Sensitech’s monitoring devices meet the requirements set out in Section II of Packing Instruction (PI) 970, which applies to lithium metal cells and batteries when contained in equipment. Packages prepared in accordance with Section II of PI 970 may be transported on either passenger or cargo aircraft.

Sensitech products reviewed and confirmed for SP 188 compliance by IATA are TempTale4, TempTale4 Multi-Alarm, TemTale4 Multi-Alarm USB, TempTale4 Probe, TempTale4 Dual Sensor, TempTale4 Dry Ice Probe, TempTale4 Bio, TempTale4 Humidity, TempTale4 Probeless Dry Ice, TempTale4 USB, TempTale4 USB Dry Ice, TempTale RF, TagAlert, FreezeAlert, VaxAlert and ThermoAlert.

Sensitech Inc is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a division of United Technologies Corp (NYSE:UTX).