SEIU, airport workers raise concerns with United Airlines about effects of subcontractors on passenger safety

United Airlines baggage handlers, cabin cleaners and skycaps employed by United Airlines´ subcontractors Prospect Airport Services and PrimeFlight Aviation Services at O´Hare and Newark, N.J., Liberty international airports respectively, called on United CEO Oscar Munoz to invest in responsible contractors who would turn airports into economic drivers and generators of good jobs, the company said.

While contracted employees are the front-line employees servicing United Airlines´ terminal operations, subcontractors continue to pay these workers poverty wages without meaningful benefits.

The workers launched an online petition requesting a meeting with United CEO Oscar Munoz to discuss how to improve conditions for better quality service.

A report finds the global airline industry has created a race to the bottom that is putting airport workers, airport safety and the quality of services for passengers under pressure. The report concludes that cost cutting is driving this race to the bottom, but airlines have the power to stop it.