Securus delivers private cellular network for prisons and jails

Securus Technologies, a provider of technology enabled solutions for public safety, law enforcement, investigations, corrections and government payment services, has created a private cellular network for corrections facilities, called Wireless Containment Solution (WCS), the company said.

WCS is the only proven system to manage and control the dangers of contraband cellphones in prisons and jails. With WCS, all cell phones within a facility´s designated areas are monitored on a continuous basis (24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year) remotely by Securus investigation professionals without the need for corrections personnel intervention.

Securus´ private cellular network is customized by each corrections agency´s defined policies. It allows authorized cell phones to connect to commercial mobile wireless carriers, but eliminates contraband or unauthorized phones from completing any type of communications. All phones within a facility and managed by the network are able to dial 911 for emergencies.

WCS is offered as a service similar to what the wireless carriers provide to the public. The difference is that Securus monitors, analyzes, controls and stores data for all dangerous cellphone activities originated at the correctional facility. That helps keep correctional staff and inmates on the inside and the public outside of the facility safe. WCS is the only currently available and legal technology that provides this capability and is authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as a contraband interdiction system.

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