SecurityScorecard partners with Aviation ISAC to provide risk management platform

SecurityScorecard has announced a partnership with Aviation ISAC to provide A-ISAC members with a complimentary enterprise platform license for SecurityScorecard IT and third-party risk management services, the company said.

The A-ISAC is the global nonprofit membership association enabling aviation companies to securely share cybersecurity information with the goal of reducing operational cyber risk across the industry.

A-ISAC members can use the SecurityScorecard enterprise platform license to monitor their organization as well as a group of third parties they leverage to run their respective businesses. The critical information provided via SecurityScorecard´s platform helps companies report to the board, rate their vendors, and make key business decisions faster and more efficiently.

SecurityScorecard is a provider of cybersecurity ratings and the only service with over a million companies continuously rated.

The Aviation ISAC is a non-profit membership association created to facilitate the timely exchange of vulnerabilities, threat intelligence, and best practices to reduce operational risks and provide the means for trusted sharing and professional exchange.