Secure-24 delivers desktops from managed cloud

A new, fully-managed engineering virtual desktop that dramatically simplifies collaboration and enhances productivity of engineering and design resources is being introduced by Secure-24 (, a leading provider of managed IT operations, application hosting and managed cloud services.

Secure-24´s Engineering Desktops solution simplifies the management of engineering workstations used for 3D intensive applications such as AutoCAD, CATIA, Revit and Photoshop and secures high-value creative content by providing a virtual desktop with a dedicated, hardware-based graphics processor, in the company´s secure data centers.

Users can connect to Secure-24´s Engineering Desktops securely using multi-factor authentication, decreasing the likelihood of unauthorized access. Corporate data is secured by Secure-24´s Defense in Depth model within enterprise class data centers, eliminating the risk associated with storing creative data on local workstations.

The company´s 3D virtual desktops also provide enterprise back-ups and recovery of end-user data in the event of data loss. In addition, Secure-24´s concurrent model enables additional staff to access graphics processing resources reducing the amount of workstations required by a customer.

Secure-24 has 14 years of experience delivering managed IT operations, application hosting and cloud services to enterprises worldwide. Its industry-leading client satisfaction rates result from comprehensive service level agreements and a focus on superior service and support.