Secoo inks partnership with Oracle

Secoo (NASDAQ: SECO), Asia´s largest luxury e-commerce platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Oracle in China to launch a new office automation system, improving Secoo´s strategy development and upgrading their technology, the company said.

Through this partnership, Oracle, the largest enterprise-level software company in the world will implement Oracle´s cloud solutions for Secoo´s ERP and HCM management systems alongside Accenture, one of the management consulting and information technology providers in the world.

Based on China´s data protection privacy regulations and combined with Accenture´s management consulting service, the new system will improve Secoo´s technical capability, operating efficiency and cross-border business management and ultimately speed up their globalization strategy.

The new system enables Secoo´s employees to experience better ERP and HCM management systems. Additionally, Oracle will continue to implement various kernel cutting-edge technologies into Secoo´s strategic development. Oracle will also utilize AI data analysis and intelligent operation to break through the data barriers between departments and establish multi-dimensional business management.