Second and third weeks of November best to book hotels for December Holidays

TripAdvisor®, the site that helps find the latest reviews and lowest prices, has announced the “Best Time to Book” for the Holidays report, revealing that November 6-18 is when travelers can consistently find the lowest hotel rates on hotels for the last two weeks of December, the company said.

TripAdvisor analyzed historical hotel pricing data to identify the time periods offering the lowest rates on hotels for the holidays in popular destinations around the world. The “best time to book” is when hotel prices were consistently less than the destination average.

For a hotel in the US, travelers booking during the optimal period of November 6-18 can save 18% compared to early year peak rates. Travelers planning to stay in a hotel in Europe can book during this window to save 21% compared to peak and for hotels in Asia, travelers can get 12% off versus highs.

While airfare changes frequently and are dependent on the departure destination, this year, with the Christmas holiday falling on a Monday, travelers can save 14% on average by flying on Sunday, December 24 compared to flying the day before on Saturday, December 23. Similarly, flying on New Year´s Eve (Sunday, December 31) will save travelers 12-23% on average vs. flying on other days during the last week of December.

Travelers can visit TripAdvisor Flights at to read airline reviews from our global traveler community, use FlyScore to quickly compare itineraries and find the best flight for the right price.

Best Time to Book hotel pricing and average destination rates for the holidays are based on TripAdvisor hotel price comparison data from over 200 booking sites from December 2015 — December 2016.

Best Time to Fly airfare insights are based on a TripAdvisor Flights search of the lowest priced roundtrip fare for long- and short-haul routes between the 10 popular world cities when departing on December 24 vs. December 23, and also when departing December 31 vs. December 26, 27, 28, or 29.

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