SeaShuttle launches funding campaign Flarecraft SeaWing design

SeaShuttle Corporation has announced a new funding campaign to support its first fleet equipped with ground-effect craft technology for high-speed travel over water, the company said.

SeaShuttle Corporation´s funding campaign will support building its first fleet in Ft Myers, FL, through fractional ownership of its Craft.

The design has solved the fundamental problem of pitch-up while uniquely increasing lift (18%) and stability in ground-effect.

Flarecraft Corporation (owner and developer of the SeaWing® technology) will establish manufacturing of the Craft, to initially supply SeaShuttle FL Corporation. An investor can purchase a Craft (USD 375,000; USD 225,000 after-tax cost), or a fractional interest in a Craft (from 10% to 50%), then lease it to SeaShuttle FL Corporation for 42 months (returning the investment at a 23% ROI), then at lease end receive the residual value (from Residual-Value Insurance) or convert the Craft residual value into SeaShuttle FL Corporation stock for long-term equity appreciation.

SeaWing Technology said the technology will reshape the way people travel over water at high-speed in the future; for a market larger than all the airlines combined.