Seamless Air Alliance publishes first standard for inflight connectivity

Seamless Air Alliance has announced the first standard for inflight connectivity to published the first-ever standard for inflight connectivity to open up new opportunities for airlines and mobile network operators, delivering a seamless ground-to-sky experience for passengers, while minimizing airline investments in technology upgrades, the company said.

Developed in collaboration with industry experts across Seamless Air Alliance´s member companies, Seamless Release 1.0 establishes the world´s only Modular Platform Architecture for inflight connectivity. By using a modular structure based on open interfaces, the system enables rapid adoption of new technologies without requiring customization or the complete replacement of equipment on the aircraft or fleet. 

The standard — Seamless Release 1.0 — enables long-term technical flexibility for airlines, provides a secure and easy-to-access service for passengers, and opens the door to seamless roaming with mobile network operators.

The Seamless Air Alliance is an open, international collaboration of airlines, technology leaders, and suppliers formed to improve the way airlines build out connectivity to support continuous innovation and allow rapid upscaling in the market.