Seaborne Airlines gets logo in World Plaza Building in Puerto Rico

Seaborne Airlines and the Puerto Rico Infrastructure Financing Authority (PRIFA) have entered into an agreement to install Seaborne´ s corporate logo on the 23rd floor of the exterior frontal façade of the World Plaza Building in Hato Rey.

Seaborne´ s headquarter offices are located in the World Plaza. The government of Puerto Rico made a strategic investment in Seaborne, closing in early 2014. Since that time, Seaborne and Puerto Rico have worked together to allow Seaborne to ´spread its wings´ to 17 airports throughout the Caribbean.

Seaborne operates as a codeshare partner to American Airlines, JetBlue Airways and Air Europa with interline connecting agreements with Delta Airlines, United Airlines and many other carriers.

Constructed in 1972, the architectural design of the World Plaza remains one of the most striking views in the skyline of The Golden Mile. It also holds an important place in the business history of Puerto Rico, having shared another legendary name, Banco de Ponce, exactly where Seaborne will display its brand.

Seaborne Airlines has been operating in the Caribbean for over 23 years, carrying approximately three million customers safely.