Seaborn Networks launches new route between Carteret, São Paulo

Subsea fiber optic cable systems developer Seaborn Networks has introduced SeaSpeed, the lowest latency point-to-point solution between Carteret, New Jersey and São Paulo, Brazil, the company said.

This new offering, available exclusively from Seaborn, sets a new ultra-low latency standard between the financial centers of North America and South America.

Seaborn´s Seabras-1 submarine cable, with a committed ready-for-service date of June 2017, is a key enabler for SeaSpeed. Seabras-1 is the first direct point-to-point cable system between New Jersey/New York and São Paulo.

SeaSpeed, available directly and exclusively from Seaborn, represents a multi-millisecond step-change in lowest latency offerings for the US-Brazil financial path.

Seaborn Networks is a developer-owner-operator of independent submarine fiber optic cable systems. It was founded by successful submarine cable and wholesale carrier executives with experience in designing, building and operating many of the world´s largest submarine and terrestrial networks.