Sea-Tac International Airport offers Tricopian's FuelRod mobile charging kiosks

California-based Tricopian, Inc., the developer of the FuelRod mobile charging service for smartphones and tablets, has announced the installation of its FuelRod Mobile Charging Service at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, the company said.

With this new convenience, passengers, crew and staff at the nation´s eighth most traveled airport can charge on the go by picking up a new mobile charge kit, complete with connectors, at the FuelRod kiosks. Users who already have a FuelRod charger can use kiosks at SEA or any of more than three dozen other airports across the country to swap instantly for a freshly charged unit.

The company´s charge-on-the-go soapboxes are available at 42 airports, as well as theme parks andan expanding list of conference centers, universities and other public locations across the country.

Tricopian, Inc. is the manufacturer of the FuelRod Power-on-the-Go mobile device charging service. The FuelRod recharge and swap program helps to keep batteries out of landfills to support a cleaner, more productive planet.