ScrapeBox launches ScrapeBox V2

The creators of ScrapeBox have launched ScrapeBox V2, the company said.

As a company spokesperson noted, ScrapeBox V2 includes a major rewrite of over one million lines of code, and it is a free update for all ScrapeBox users.

The innovative software tool, which was originally released in 2009, also contains an impressive 33 free ScrapeBox addons that are capable of performing a variety of tasks; to access the addons, users simply need to download them from within the software. As a bonus, people who purchase ScrapeBox will get lifetime access to all of the addons.

The addons include the Anchor Text Checker, which allows users to scan a website´s backlinks to see and analyze the anchor text; an Article Scraper, which scrapes articles from different directories, and the Bulk Domain Resolver, which lets users resolve the IP, country, city and coordinates of domains.

ScrapeBox has been dubbed the Swiss Army Knife of SEO. Since 2009 the creators have released several hundred free updates, and it remains one of the most popular marketing tools ever created. For more information, please visit