Scality launches Zenko

Scality, a world leader in object and cloud storage, has launched its Scality Zenko, a Multi-Cloud Data Controller, the company said.

The new solution is free to use and embed into developer applications, opening a new world of multi-cloud storage for developers.

Zenko provides a unified interface based on a proven implementation of the Amazon S3 API across clouds. This allows any cloud to be addressed with the same API and access layer, while storing information in their respective native format.

Zenko builds on the success of the company´s Scality S3 Server, the open-source implementation of the Amazon S3 API, which has experienced more than 600,000 DockerHub pulls since it was introduced in June 2016. Scality is releasing this new code to the open source community under an Apache 2.0 license, so that any developer can use and extend Zenko in their development.

Scality, a provider of object and cloud storage, develops cost-effective Software Defined Storage: the RING, which serves over 500 million end-users worldwide with over 800 billion objects in production; and the open-source Scality Zenko.