ScaleFlux transforms cloud infrastructure

ScaleFlux, Inc., the pioneer in deploying Computational Storage at scale, is rapidly expanding its market reach directly with Tier-1 customers worldwide, the company said.

The launch of its 2nd generation Computational Storage platform brings support for cutting edge NAND technology and delivers performance enhancements across the board to maintain its lead in maximizing flash infrastructure.

ScaleFlux has released its 2nd generation product platform highlighted by several key new capabilities and features:

Rev 2.x of its host-controlled Flash translation and management software solution that provides higher throughput, lower latency, VMware ESXi 6.5 & 6.5 U1 support, and expanded storage capacity support

Support for industry, state-of-the-art 3D TLC NAND technologies from both Toshiba and Micron

Customizable database engine accelerator for transactional and analytical workloads delivering an order-of-magnitude performance improvement vs. NVMe SSDs

ScaleFlux is the pioneer in deploying Computational Storage at scale. Computational Storage is the foundation for modern data center infrastructure that provides responsive performance, affordable scaling, and an agile platform for data-driven, compute and storage I/O intensive applications. Founded in 2014, ScaleFlux is a well-funded startup with a team proven to deploy complex computing and solid-state storage solutions in volume. For more information, visit