Sandhills Publishing partners with Aircraft Cost Calculator

Sandhills Publishing has formed an alliance with Aircraft Cost Calculator, a data-based application that provides operating cost estimates for over 500 piston, turboprop, jet, and commercial aircraft, the company said.

The application complements the company´s numerous cloud-based products and services available through the Sandhills Cloud–a comprehensive platform of business solutions and resources available to manufacturers, dealers, brokers, and service providers in the agriculture, construction, and commercial trucking industries, as well as the aviation industry.

Aircraft Cost Calculator offers operating cost figures through an accessible, user-friendly format that compiles and distributes data to owners, operators, dealers, brokers, flight departments, financial institutions, and charter operations. The database features hundreds of aircraft and helicopters to provide the most comprehensive data in the industry, including average preowned pricing, fuel pricing, maintenance costs, crew expenses, insurance calculations, and more.

Sandhills´ niche aviation products have served buyers, sellers, travelers, and operators for over 30 years. Backed by the Sandhills Cloud, a suite of cloud-based tools and resources, the company delivers a range of solutions that simplify internal workflow, data management and processing, inventory oversight, lead generation and marketing, and sales transactions. The addition of practical, accessible, thorough data calculations enhances the value of these already-extensive offerings.

Sandhills Publishing is an information processing company whose broad range of products and services gather, process, and distribute information in the form of trade publications and corresponding websites that connect buyers and sellers across the trucking, agriculture, construction, heavy equipment, aviation, and technology industries. The company´s integrated, industry-specific approach to hosted technologies and services offers solutions that help businesses large and small operate efficiently and grow securely, cost-effectively, and successfully.