San Francisco city attorney sues JustFly and FlightHub over hidden fees and predatory scams

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera has announced he has filed suit against the companies that operate the online travel sites JustFly and FlightHub for unlawful and deceptive business practices, the attorney said.

The lawsuit, filed in San Francisco Superior Court, lays out an array of hidden fees, misleading disclosures and other scams employed by JustFly Corp. and its affiliates.

The JustFly website is a major destination for consumers who search for flights via fare aggregators, like is the second most popular destination website from searches on The lawsuit was brought on behalf of the People of the State of California and covers wrongdoing statewide.

The lawsuit alleges the defendant companies violated several laws, including California´s unfair competition law, which prohibits unlawful, fraudulent and unfair business practices. The lawsuit also maintains that the defendants violated California´s Seller of Travel Law, which is one of the few laws in the country expressly designed to protect travel customers from unscrupulous travel agents like JustFly.

Herrera is seeking restitution to consumers for all money that the defendant companies received through unlawful business practices; a civil penalty of $2,500 against each defendant for each violation of state law; and a court order putting a stop to these practices.