Samsara Luggage offers advanced smart luggage technology to travel insurance providers

Samsara Luggage (OTC: SAML) has announced an opportunity to create a partnership with travel insurance providers to enhance services using technology found in its next generation of smart luggage, the company said.

A partnership with Samsara Luggage enable travel insurance providers to enhance services by accessing the GPS location technology included in Samsara Luggage´s next generation products.

The partnership aims to foster a solution for the millions of travelers inconvenienced by luggage lost by the airlines annually.

Samsara´s next generation of smart luggage offers tracking solutions using global GPS and Bluetooth (5.1) technology. The tracking component locks into the suitcase so users can always access their bag´s location no matter where it is around the world.

Samsara Luggage, Inc. (OTC: SAML) is a global luggage and lifestyle brand that offers smart features, including IoT technology.