Samepage, ORC International release collaboration apps insights

Samepage said it has released results from a survey conducted by global business intelligence firm ORC International, which sought to understand the drivers of collaboration app adoption, gauge which collaboration apps are most important to productivity, and discover if the apps have fulfilled SMBs´ efficiency expectations.

Analysis was based on responses from 217 business owners, CEOs and executives of US businesses with 3-500 employees.

Key findings include:

80 percent use at least three collaboration apps, 50 percent use six or more

80 percent use these apps to work with customers and partners

90 percent believe collaboration apps are fulfilling adoption objectives

65 percent find it difficult to find the correct file in their file sharing folders

88 percent think that instant messaging is good for asking quick questions, but limited beyond that

65 percent want fewer emails and 44 percent agree that email is not good for managing teams and projects

65 percent are looking for a better solution to improve communication and increase productivity

While collaboration apps are generally improving the way business teams work, the widespread adoption of disparate apps within SMBs is creating a new set of issues. Content is distributed across file sharing folders, email attachments and online productivity apps while conversations are split across email, IM and social business apps. This siloing of information is making it more difficult for business teams to maintain context on their workflows, meetings and projects. This creates the need for an app that unifies content and conversation together in one central location.

By combining easy-to-create pages, file sharing and cloud-based content with user comments, Samepage helps teams maintain context and get more done.

ORC International is a leader in the art of business intelligence.