SAIF delivers accurate workers' compensation benefits on time

Automic Software, the provider of business automation software owned by CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA), has announced that SAIF has been able to reduce file transfer times using CA Automic Workload Automation (AWA). Now, the not-for-profit workers´ compensation insurance company can deliver compensation benefits on time and with full confidence of accuracy using the power of automation, the company said.

SAIF issues more than half of all workers´ compensation policies in the state of Oregon. Prior to leveraging automation to orchestrate scripts and data entry, SAIF´s operations staff would spend nearly two hours a day performing routine manual tasks.

Further, the bulk of SAIF´s workload consisted of lengthy and inefficient nightly update processes laden with inefficiencies. Overnight batch processing resulted from needing to orchestrate data across systems and limited SAIF´s ability to run an always-on operation.

Automating the generation of pharmacy payments to run hourly, rather than daily, has also allowed SAIF to ensure workers receive their prescriptions and benefits faster.

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