Sahel Majali Sustainable Development Projects

Sustainable construction focuses on reducing the impact of the industry on the natural environment. There are challenges to building sustainably, but there are many advantages to creating a built environment that is more eco-friendly. Social sustainability concentrates on managing the impact a business has on society, which can include direct measures such as changing working practices or offsetting any negative impacts by generating positive social change.

For Sahel Majali sustainable development has formed a foundation for much of his three decades in the construction industry. Majali has been involved in several high-profile sustainable development projects, including both sustainable construction and social sustainability.

One of the most recent Sahel Majali sustainable development projects is the construction of a new shared working space in the Shoreditch district of London. With a focus on providing an innovative space for workers in the tech industry, Majali’s company the Mid Group has been contracted to create the Black and White Building. This will be the first office building in London to be constructed from timber since 1666. Nothing above the ground floor slab will be constructed from concrete, with the project instead using sustainable materials that come from renewable sources.

As part of a commitment to social sustainability, the Mid Group recently signed a contract with Clarion Housing Group to deliver affordable housing in the Bristol area. In a region overlooking the River Avon, the Mid Group aims to construct 112 homes designed for shared ownership and a further 40 for affordable rent. The complex will also contain three commercial units alongside the apartments, which will be a mixture of one-bed, two-bed and three-bed properties. Residents will have access to extensive landscaped grounds and underground parking once the project is complete, which is scheduled for August 2022.

Alongside the numerous Sahel Majali sustainable development projects, the Mid Group also works to support communities in some of the poorest regions of the world. This action takes place through partnership with AquAid. The Mid Group has committed to using AquAid water coolers for all its construction sites and office spaces. Each water cooler purchased results in a £50 donation to Christian Aid which is used to provide fresh, safe drinking water for communities in Malawi and Ethiopia and their livestock. The construction and maintenance of water pumps funded by AquAid and the Mid Group not only helps provide clean drinking water for thousands; it also creates employment opportunities and skills training for local people.

In 2020, the commitment of Sahel Majali to sustainable development was recognised at the SECBE Awards when the Mid Group won the ‘Sustainability’ award.