Saguna supports AWS Greengrass on Mobile Edge for IoT

Saguna, a leader and pioneer of Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC), supports AWS Greengrass designed to bring services to mobile users from the network edge using a distributed MEC infrastructure, the company said.

Much of the data generated by IoT devices may never reach the cloud due to privacy requirements, latency constraints and costs. IoT applications need local cloud services operating close to the connected devices to improve the economics of telemetry data processing at the cloud with edge analytics; to minimize latency for time-critical applications; and ensure sensitive information is protected locally.

Saguna Open-RAN is a MEC platform that creates a standard-based cloud-computing ecosystem inside the radio access network; as close as possible to mobile users. Based on the ETSI MEC industry standard, the virtualized software platform provides a scalable distributed cloudlet infrastructure that adds value to 4G networks and HetNets that is essential for 5G.

Saguna Networks, a leader and pioneer of Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC), makes mobile broadband faster, simpler and more economical with smart NFV software solutions. Based on the ETSI MEC standard, the Saguna Open-RAN platform enables mobile operators to quickly and effectively deploy new revenue generating services. The Mobile Edge Computing platform has a fully virtualized software architecture providing cost effective scalability and flexibility.