Safe Skies luggage locks chosen by New Zealand aviation security service

New Zealand Aviation Security Service (AVSEC) has signed an agreement with Safe Skies, recognizing the company´s locks as an accepted luggage lock for travelers to, from, and within New Zealand, the company said.

Safe Skies luggage locks allow security personnel to open and relock baggage when physical inspections are needed. With a comprehensive selection of combination locks, padlocks, and luggage straps, travelers have an array of baggage protection to choose from.

Protected by multiple patents, Safe Skies locks display the proprietary torch symbol, allowing baggage screening officers to easily identify these special locks, open them, and re-lock the luggage if a physical inspection is required. All Safe Skies luggage locks come with a lifetime warranty and replacement policy in case the lock is clipped or damaged during travel.

Founded in 2005, Safe Skies locks are accepted and recognized by the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the airport security services of United Kingdom, Switzerland, Israel, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. The company´s products include TSA accepted padlocks, combination locks, zipper locks, cable locks, and luggage straps.