SA Photonics Releases Electronic See-Through Augmented Reality Display

SA Photonics releases its innovative SA-62/E augmented reality (AR) display with electronic see-through and almost no peripheral obscuration, the company said.

The AR display provides high contrast, bright imagery even when viewed outdoors, as well as full occlusion of objects that are behind other objects, which is not possible with conventional AR. In partnership with SL Process (Paris, France), the video processing system has low latency and provides simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), as well as hand tracking. The video can be stored for review or shared with teammates.

The eyepieces of the SA-62/E were specifically designed to have less than 10% obscuration of the entire human visual field, whereas most other electronic displays have almost 9 times more obscuration. This low amount of obscuration allows users to interact with teammates and other objects, while affording safe movement since it is easy to see their feet and the ground.

SA Photonics is a pioneer in the development and deployment of innovative photonics solutions for military and commercial applications, with particular expertise in augmented and virtual reality head mounted displays, optical communications, laser based sensors, ruggedized photonics hardware, and complex analog and digital components for sea, air, space and ground applications. To learn more visit