Rural-area hospitals choosing telemedicine as night coverage solution

Eagle Telemedicine has reported telemedicine is helping rural hospitals increase patient census and avoid transfers by addressing staffing gaps and solving their night coverage challenges, the company said.

Eagle said telemedicine can realize a 40 percent savings on nighttime coverage and a 50 percent increase in nighttime admissions.

An average response time is one minute and nine seconds from the time nurses call telehospitalists to the time the physician is interacting with patients via remote.

Though telemedicine can include many types of electronic communication, Eagle´s uses a cart or robot on wheels with a two-way videoconferencing monitor that brings a patient face-to-face with a physician, who is beamed in from a remote location. It can also transmit still images such as photos and X-rays for interpretation by the physician.

Eagle Telemedicine is a telemedicine physician service that offers practical solutions and management tools through the use of telemedicine.