Ruckus Wireless introduces new 802.11ac access point

Ruckus Wireless, Inc. (NYSE: RKUS) has introduced a new, entry-level 802.11ac access point along with the expansion and enhancement of its family of Ruckus Unleashedâ„¢ access points, the company said.

Ruckus ZoneFlexâ„¢ R310 is an entry-level, enterprise-class 802.11ac access point that features a wide range of Ruckus performance-enhancing features. The Ruckus R310 has a sleek, low-profile form factor and delivers superior dual-band performance for organizations that rely on Wi-Fi to run their business.

Ruckus ZoneFlex R310 Unleashed is a controller-less version of the R310. Unleashed eliminates the need for separate controllers and access point licenses, significantly reducing upfront costs. A simple web interface featuring a step-by-step set-up guide enables non-IT users to configure Wi-Fi in just 60 seconds and deploy in minutes.

Ruckus ZoneFlex T300 Series Unleashed are controller-less versions of Ruckus´ existing T300 access points, which provide dual-band 802.11ac access for outdoor deployments. The T300 series features a lightweight, low-profile design for easy installation, and will now allow small businesses to add outdoor connectivity to a controller-less Wi-Fi environment.

Ruckus Wireless delivers wireless for more than 61,000 enterprise, service provider, government and small business customers worldwide.