Rsupport launches cloud-based video conferencing solution

Rsupport (KOSDAQ: 131370), a remote support and control solution provider as global cloud service, has globally launched RemoteMeeting, a cloud-based video conferencing service for remote collaboration, the company said.

Aiming to provide ´Terribly easy video conference´, the RemoteMeeting features the highest convenience and the most powerful collaboration tools tailored for enterprises. Users can immediately start meeting with only two clicks in the web browser without installing any additional programs after connecting to the website of RemoteMeeting. companies can effectively manage various functions for video conference on the administrator´s webpage.

The RemoteMeeting has two versions — a free-of-charge version for individuals and a Business version for companies. The version for individuals provides functions of simultaneous attendance at meeting up to 3 participants, standard definition (360p) and online chat. The business version features a variety of collaboration functions, including simultaneous attendance at meeting up to 14 people, HD definition (720p), screen and document sharing, personalized history, meeting minutes and administrator´s page.

The most notable advantage of the RemoteMeeting is its pricing policy. It adopted the cost-per-use system that levies fees based on the time of use. Users can optimize the cost without wastes as they can choose the pricing systems that usage time ranging from 1,200 minutes to 20,000 minutes a month and then pay fees based on additionally used time on minute basis.

With its global launch, all the features of the RemoteMeeting will be temporarily available for free by the end of May 2017. In addition to cloud service, a hardware version of RemoteMeeting set-up-box will be available as well.