Rozo Systems joins Lenovo Partner Network

Rozo Systems, a provider of software-defined scale-out NAS storage solutions, has been selected to participate in an exclusive 30-day Lenovo Partner Experience program with the Lenovo Partner Sales onboarding team, the company said.

As an authorized Lenovo Business Partner, Rozo Systems can deliver the highest performance and the most cost-effective solutions to users of RozoFS.

RozoFS is a file system for distributed storage that can be deployed in any cloud: public, private or hybrid, delivering both high performance and high availability of the data. A patented erasure coding technology, the Mojette Transform, works fast and efficiently on small files and on sequential workloads. The erasure-coded data is protected against the failure of a storage node and the failure of multiple disks on the same node.

This technology is used to divide data into chunks and distribute them to the storage devices that are part of the storage pool, guaranteeing data integrity and accessibility even when some servers or storage devices are unavailable.

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Rozo Systems is a provider of software-defined scale-out NAS storage solutions. RozoFS delivers real-time performance, high resiliency and low cost for petabytes of multi-user storage systems. The core of its patented technology is a unique erasure coding algorithm with unmatched performance. It runs on any standard x86 servers powered by Linux.

With headquarters in Nantes, France and the US office in San Mateo, California, Rozo Systems benefits from an experienced team that combines talents from the high-tech industry and research labs, and from the support of its investment partners Nestadio Capital and Ouest Angels Capital.