Routehappy, KAYAK ink data licensing agreement for global use of scores, amenities

Product differentiation platform provider Routehappy said it has agreed with travel search engine KAYAK to integrate Scores & Amenities data into KAYAK search results.

This integration will allow KAYAK users in all geographies to see and compare amenities by flight.

Routehappy Scores & Amenities includes comprehensive data on seven factors — Aircraft, Seat, Layout, Wi-Fi, Entertainment, Power, and Fresh Food — on nearly every flight and cabin worldwide.

Routehappy researches and verifies flight amenities by aircraft, cabin, schedule, and route on a constant basis from hundreds of sources to create Flightpad, the most comprehensive, accurate comparable product dataset for flights worldwide. Flightmatch dynamically matches and scores aircraft, seat, amenities, and duration for billions of possible flight combinations.

Routehappy is the product differentiation platform for air travel, providing data, content, and tools for airlines and distributors to differentiate and better monetize flight shopping. Routehappy´s Scores & Amenities API provides flight ratings worldwide, along with aircraft, seat, layout, entertainment, Wi-Fi, power, and fresh food amenities by flight.

Routehappy Hub is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that enables airlines to create, manage and deliver targeted product attribute content, in a standard format called UPA (Universal Product Attribute), wherever flights are displayed.

KAYAK searches other travel sites and shows travelers the information they need to find the right flights, hotels, rental cars and vacation packages.